SAS Operative(s) reach for the Evac Chopper

This is why no other SAS Operative other than Soap could ever reach the chopper.
(Roach was no exception, he reached for the ladder instead)

Oh my god XD It’s exactly what i thought it was, I thought, Lets see is it a bunch of S.A.S trying to reach helicopter?, That gave me a good laugh Artistic’d

Reminds me of a horde of penguins diving into the water.

haha this is funny in many ways. anyways besides that try brighten it a bit and/or do a sky replacement

Its… Raining men?

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: apparently the SAS need to teach their FNGs how to jump long distances.

This made me laugh so hard. Rated funny

Now to the real critique :smug:
The posing seems pretty solid, but Captain Price looks a little stiff. And I don’t get how some of the SAS can jump so far/high, but that’s part of what makes it funny :v:

This has been desktop’d

Hahaha poor soldiers!

As Punk~ said some of the guys look very stiff, mostly the dudes in the air.

The soldier at the top :open_mouth: Holy fuck he jumped high and long!

That almost instantly popped into my head when I saw this. I like this pic!

reminds me of cod4 and how many times i failed the jump

I think we found Superman.

Who let all the chavs into the SAS? :v: