SAS reloading while another covers him

Yeah I know it’s generic, and the burning isn’t great. C&C if you please.

Oh, the M4 Sopmod rifle will be in Wystan’s Magless Weapon thread sometime soon.

Posing is stiff. Editing is good.
work on your posing and your pictures will be epic.

i think it’s rather awkward of why the sas guys are holding by the mag

Couldn’t get the hand on the m203 without making the arm look unnatural :v:

Wow, thank you. I’ll be sure to work on the posing.

Theres a posing trick.
Weld easy a can on what you want to pose and voila you can pose perfectly.

I use that for hands, but never tried it for arms.

bump please


You need to isolate your characters before you dodge and burn them.

Ok, thanks for the tip Chesty.