SAS shooting Russian Loyalist.


The posing is a bit… off, but I like the angle.

Keep on truckin’

Neon-glowish blood.


Blood needs to be way darker.

Ok… lets get one thing straight, make absolutely sure the next time you try posing something, please do research and look at how people are positioned when they are firing an automatic weapon. Look on google, or even youtube, please, just look at characters in videogames. I am sorry, but I have to say this is bad. Hopefully you will take my advice and improve upon your skills.

I fucked up and put one hand on the magazine instead of the lower barrel woe is me the pose is ruined! He’s running firing an auto. That’s how you run. Besides the hand on the magazine, that’s how you shoot.

:eng99: You completely missed my prior point, I am not going to waste my breath trying to teach you the basics of good posing because all you will do is throw it in my face and come up with another lame insult. I am sorry, I am a perfectionist and it annoys the hell out of me when I see something this poorly made and the person’s disregard for helpful advice when it is given to him. :effort:

You said I fucked up the entire pose with him holding the gun by the magazine. That’s not helpful. Helpful, is saying HOW you run and shoot with a auto. Not just saying WRONG. All your doing is saying “Hey look! His hand is positioned wrong! I think I’m going to call him bad!”

-His hand should not be on the magazine
-The Rifle’s stock should actually be in his shoulder.
-His back is arched way too far back. Bend him forward.
-His legs should be more spread out.
-Dying guy’s arms should be more forward, same with his head.

Hope that helps.

Actually, I see no reason why you shouldn’t hold the mag. When I was in the service, when firing from standing position, my other hand was on the mag. Well, the mag/frontgrip crossing point, but still.

Other than that, I agree with Vman. BUT, when you pose people having their hand on the mag, put the hand way higher, touching the front grip, taking support from it.

Then you don’t actually disagree with Vman do you?

See Wally? That’s actual C&C that helps. Thank you Vman. I appreciate it.

Posing’s pretty terrible. The muzzle flash is good, but it’s not really giving off any light.

-This ‘muzzleflash’ makes the gun look like some 4th of July Sparkler.
-I spot the cropped edges I think that’s what you call them; on the pasted flash
-Don’t half-can your stuff, try impersonating the posture of holding an imaginary weapon in your bathroom mirror, or check screenshots from any COD 3 + game

Well I do disagree, as you still hold the mag even though your hand is higher. You didn’t obviously read my post very carefully :wink:

The flash isn’t pasted, it’s an ingame emitter. Which I should thank Vman for.

Well then, you choosed the wrong emitter, the muzzle flash looks weird, it doesnt fit the weapon.

The fact you continue to make so many poses without improving at all amazes me. You should really take the advice given to you by more experienced people.

Loled at the guy getting shot. Looks like he’s a gay runway model.

Without improving eh?

Yep. I definetly fail without doubt. I NEVER improve and never come up with funny original stuff.

hey I saw that episode too