SAS sliding like a badass into a room and shoots his hand gun

Sexy edit by Joazz
C&C on posing for me
and edit for Joazz

Pretty nice. Should add some motion blur though.

look at the arm holding the colt.

Ah I see it. Light is a bit blinding. Easy to miss.

The left hand gun seems positioned in a weird way. Other than that it’s pretty solid posing and picture. Keep it up!

I like it, 'specially the edit.

But mine was better :buddy:

yeah it was pretty good

^^^^ zeraxify’s edit

I like it, solid posing and Joazzz’s edit is badass! Keep it up :3:

Thanks man.

Thanks mate :buddy:

Was going to blur the background instead of the soldier, but Back_S didn’t like the idea.

Should have blured the background to make it look like he is actually sliding

yeah, he’s just laying there. Needs motion blur

do something about it

Well I was going to, but you didn’t like the idea back then :argh:

“Dude, like, remember when I didn’t like your idea, way back… Well do it”

I owned up to my mistakes and tried to blurrrr

criticism on new blur would be nice.

Well uh, it looks weird, like he’s falling down REALLY fast.

it looks like he just fell and is not sliding… other than that it’s good

A tiny bitty less blur and you are there.