SAS soldier patrolling. Resident Evil dude hiding.

This is my first pose ever in Garry’s Mod. I was messing around with stuff so these pics might have horrible angle, bad posing, etc. Please comment and tell me what I can do better on and all that so I can get better in future posing. Thank You.

Dude wrong image tag


Edit:If this is your first pose in garrys mod thats really good.
Still some things too improve.

Yea I edited it.

omg now it’s Bad Reading script time??

I lol’d when I saw the Resident evil dude’s eyes. They look fishy.

First ever? That’s pretty good for a first!

I like the angles, actually.

Also, the pistol guy’s posing is pretty good, but the border of the lower and upper abdominal parts looks awkward. Also, his hand seems to be feeling the rock, not taking support of it. You should tilt from the wrist so that the palm is touching the rock, and fingerpose it so that the fingers are a lot flatter. You’ll have to use a prop rock for that, though, the ground and scene are un-non-collidable.

The gunhand is a bit too subtly posed also, he seems to be caressing the pistol.

And oh for heck’s sake, it needs faceposing, or if the models lack it, don’t take closeups of their faces.

Then the other guy. His legs should be more apart and one foot in front of the other, that’s not a very stable position.

The gun’s butt is horribly misplaced, he’d hit his shoulder with that gun if he shot it now. Also the triggerhand’s wrist is at an awkward bend probably because misplacing the stock places the grip too close to the shoulder.

Why on earth is he holding the magazine when there’s a perfectly fine grip in front of it?

It’s not horrible, especially for a first, but it’s very unpolished, so to say.

Very good first pose.

Good for first, but that RE dude looks like retard. Its not faceposable?

re guy has :downs:


I fucking lol’d at his eyes.