SAS Soldiers arresting Eli


Nice, quick question will it take while for the pic?

agh the pants look atrocious

yeah i think so too…

iyou have jean texture?

LOL carpet paints

“SAS are arrested Eli”


You should of got tthe Olive drab because that was a decent skin
also clipping on the AUG

Get a nice skin! :smiley:

i do not see anything in this picture

am i missing something

Those pants would be seen from a mile away, not so stealthy you know…

Those pants… Are possibly the ugliest pants I’ve ever seen!

Ugly fucking pants.

I could go on about the pants… So I will. Ugly as hell.

I like those pance

The pants look like they’d be made of a material that ought to be very itchy. Like wool or something.

what kind of marine wears jeans?

Alyx: “Why are you arrested him?!”