SAS troops guarding dead ultranationalists.

Edit and pose by me, i don’t like how the edit worked out but i just post it anyway :3:. C&C please.

I wonder how the tank came in there :smug:

Good picture tough.

Why the hell would the guard dead enemies?


Also, yuck, simple blur.

To kill them if they become zombies :smug:.

left guy’s leg posing is weird, And they look to proud for shooting some civillians that took an AK-47 and went ragey.
But that gives it a bit of funny.

The headhack is a bit messed up it freaks out like shit this was the best i could do with it.


Civillians with ak’s, bullet proof vests etc. lol.

[I[Breaking News!

We just killed that motherfucker on the floor!*

Nice posing :smiley:

The breacking news should have more stuff about the news on the bottom

Nice! I always wanted a James Woods model!

you better not use PMC models
you know, it’s very suck.