"Sasha!! NOOO!"

After a fight, the Pyro lits Heavys dear Sasha on fire. Powerless, Heavy can do nothing but watch the horrible death of his favorite companion!


I tried spawning the Red pyro multiple times, but it never worked. I kept getting the blue one :frowning:
Might have to re-install TF2…

The map is NOT gm_flatgrass. It’s that white room in gm_construct. I re-colored it to a dark, cartoonish area.
And I am aware of the fact you can slighly see the light. Sorry :slight_smile:

How can metal burn?
Unlogical picture!

But i feel sad for the heavy :frowning:
The heavy has good posing!
Turn graphics up!
The idea is nice.

Well, the pyro lit it up, so he probably know some way. Maybe soak it in gasoline? :slight_smile:
I am having hard time getting much higher graphics. Might experiment with it later.

Anyway, thanks for feedback :slight_smile:

Np man
Maybe you could use the sandvich because it would be burnable!
The idea is nice but try to work on logical errors.

Considering you’re apparently a bit new to posing, not too bad. Though, you really need to turn your graphics up. It’ll make a big difference. :slight_smile:

Yeah. I had forgotten the “Extra Props Pack”, so I couldn’t find the Sandvich in my list, so I improvised and took his favorite weapon :slight_smile:

I don’t think you’d need that, just look in your TF2 file, go into your weapons file and look for it in there.
I haven’t downloaded an extra props pack of any kind and I still have the unlockables.

Thanks :slight_smile:
But I can’t seem to enable anti-aliasing. The only option is “none”. :frowning:
And if I set everything TOO high, faceposing and fingerposing doesn’t work, and they all go into the :expressionless: face :frowning:

Upgrade your comp!
If its not able to run TF2 its really old O_o

Not really. It’s a netbook :stuck_out_tongue:
Bought it 4 months ago.

And my desktop PC is too old to be upgraded. It’ll be cheaper to buy a new one :slight_smile:

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