Sassilization Drama

So this drama has been going on lately, I would like to know what the Facepunch community thinks of it. I personally don’t care because Sassafrass has sure taken his time, but here it goes. I use to play Sassilization way back, been checking their website and some drama linked to this other community has come up. Turns out to be a host of a PERP server called Areangaming or Sniperboys it was known as or something like that… Seems that they have put up a Sassilization server with a lounge and the actual RTS working, tried it and it was fun. I have no idea if it’s actually legal or not or what this whole drama ordeal is about. I found it interesting.

There’s also a couple different places in the Sassilization forums and the chat referring to their website and what they’re doing. But hey, I found it fun and functional, and Sassilization has opened their own server but it’s only a single one with 9 slots. Kind of hard to get into.

IP to their lounge:

IP to I guess real Sassilization:

–had this in the General Discussion of Facepunch–

Sounds like advertising.

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It’s more or less illlegal to host whatever stolen gamemode you want, really. I’ve never heard of someone being sued over it, though. So in retrospect, they probably will get DDoSed by kiddies from sass trying to defend it honor rather than them being slapped over legal issues.

Who gives a shit

I’ve sent copyright infringement notices about people using leaked scripts of mine without permission. They were forced into taking it down.

Forced by whom? If they took it without your permission knowing that you didn’t want to them to have it, they’re not likely to take it down if you asked them to.

If they were using it not knowing that it was infringing on copyrights - then they may have took it down.

There’s no magical cyber cops that enforce internet laws.

Their host. And if that doesn’t work, notifying their upstreams tends to work.

There’s nothing a host likes less than their cheapest customers getting them legal trouble.

They’re called lawyers and real cops, who enforce the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Fair enough, hadn’t considered that.

Bullshit. If your government isn’t losing money over it they don’t give a fuck.

It’s worth bearing in mind that DMCA is a US-only law. The Berne Convention is a much better article to cite for copyright breaches (because then you’ll be listened to in 165 countries instead of 1)

I thought we had covered all this before… theres a whole host of Sassilisation content and that from loads of other places on a website. The drama around leaks is limitless…

At the end of the day if you can format correctly any form of ownership claim to content in a valid manner (which is easy in the case of this because its got Sass and Sass website all over it) then anyone will take anything down. The fact of the matter is they don’t want the trouble and to them its free money because they can cancel your service without notice and leave you out of pocket.

Do you have proof that this is breaking the copyright infringement?

Copyright is automatically held by the creator of a unique work. Sassafrass hasn’t said anything personally, but as a contributing developer Aaron has some right to say this:

That comment was in response to a thread on the sass forum about the server running a version of the leak.

If you’re one of these people that thinks “scripts can’t be copyrighted because they’re plain text” you’re just plain wrong.

My comment: Seriously? You’re stealing a gamemode which you have 0 permission to use, not even changing the name like a retard and seriously considering it as well?

You have to be kidding me, you did not make this, and I can tell you with 99% confidence that you will be ddos’d 24/7 with 500000 TB/s, there’s no point in trying, you will kill your own community, I don’t ddos, I can’t even ddos, and I won’t, but you are surely commiting suicide by launching this server for even a second, don’t be retarded and leave other people’s work alone.

Admin said:holy shit our outdated gamemode for 4 years is being picked up by someone else because we couldn’t be arsed to fix it? quick call garry he has connections to the internet FIB

permission? read the above, along with (in my own opinion) if you leave something to die, you don’t deserve to have it anymore

the name’s being left as it is not because we don’t know how to change it but because renaming it and calling it our own is really fucking diskish. you should know this, what with your threats coming towards us at 500000 TB/s. why do you think PERP’s still called PERP on all the servers that run it? because it isn’t theirs, and calling it their own makes them look incredibly stupid, bad, and above all an ass

so if we’re really committing suicide, instead of telling us to do it, how about you pull up a chair and watch the show. you never know, it may turn out that we thrive so much that you might be the one to put a barrel in your mouth and pull the trigger. would make the world a shitload better

Okay these guys are idiots.

Edit: It’s funny because the sassilization servers are back up again…

Aaaaaaand they’re down.

Look ok lets just finish this discussion because its never going to establish a meaningful existence…

Sassilisation (the group) has been on a rather slippery slope for a while and probably has met its maker… The fact its gamemode have been on “said site” I mentioned earlier and they have made no real effort to get rid of is says one thing. At the same time they themselves have had little to say in general about what they have done and have decided to play a game of “it’s coming it really is”, “only a bit more to do” for as long as I can remember now.

Sass have played the whole thing with themselves wrongly and are likely to continue to do so for the foreseeable future because the times have changed and they haven’t.

Now if they decided to take this further it would help much more if people were to stop sending threats to either side or attacking either side. Leave it be because you can’t do anything here to help.

The fact that so many people still follow them proves that they are far from dead, despite the people who would like them to be dead.

Actually, Aaron implied that they will take action.

They’ve done a decent job of keeping people updated when their is progress. Plus, there’s a sort of open beta being done by the community that one of the developers own.

I haven’t really seen any threats or negative actions being taken, just people discussing it out of interest and bringing it to people’s attention.

If that makes you happy, its kwl with me… We’re done here.

It’s funny how Areangaming said the code is open source, and blaming me for ddos while I was under the shower. Sorry, I don’t have a high tech knob to send packets.