Ill buy half life 2 : ep2 for 150k dough I posted her because im assuming alot of people play sass and know that people will trade games for dough i even bought VIP. for dough :slight_smile: So just post if you will buy me ep2 for 150k dough. Thanks.

Dough? Sure!

Ok add flappyfire to steam.

I added you, My steam ign is Nexus.

cannot agree more…
nope… really can’t

okay well this went really wrong


Nexus: Hey
Nexus: Ill give you 150k for ep 2?
Nexus: Yea.?
compwhizii: wow thats alot of dough man
Nexus: Just need game lol
compwhizii: I don't know were I'll keep it
Nexus: to play evocity2
Nexus: What?
Nexus: Dude.
compwhizii: Dough for the pizaa
Nexus: No
compwhizii: and the pie
Nexus: Dough on sassilization.
compwhizii: yum yum
compwhizii: silly you don't sizle dough
Nexus: Lol
Nexus: Ok?
compwhizii: so how much dough again?
Nexus: 150k
compwhizii: pounds?
compwhizii: oh wait, kilos
compwhizii: you and your metric systems sheesh
Nexus: Ounches.
Nexus: ounce not pound
Nexus: or kilos.
compwhizii: damn that's alot of piazza
Nexus: lol
Nexus: You love your pizza lol.
compwhizii: aight, so I should expect the shipment tomorrow? christmas eve is coming bro!
Nexus: Yes
Nexus: Buy the game.
Nexus: For me
Nexus: Gift it.
compwhizii: no no dough first
compwhizii: Aight you know what
compwhizii: How much and what are you giving me
compwhizii: Seriously
compwhizii: I'll buy it
Nexus: I am serious.
Nexus: No joke dude.
compwhizii: I know I know
Nexus: And the reason i cant buy ep 2
Nexus: is i dont have paypal.
Nexus: Or cc lol.
compwhizii: heh
Nexus: And also
compwhizii: What are you paying me with and how much
Nexus: its going to cost me over ÂŁ100 just to ship the dough.
compwhizii: heh
Nexus: So game first please.
Nexus: I dont want to be ripped off.
compwhizii: How much though
Nexus: How much what?
Nexus: dough?
compwhizii: I'm still confused are you serious about giving me dough. Like the kind you bake with
Nexus: Yes.
Nexus is now playing Garry's Mod. Click here to join.
Nexus is now playing Garry's Mod. Click here to join.
compwhizii: Seriously
compwhizii: ?
Nexus: Yes
compwhizii: get the fuck out you're crazy
Nexus: Why?
compwhizii: Why the fuck would I want dough
Nexus: Dude.
Nexus: Not fucking dough real life dough
Nexus: Dumbass.
compwhizii: >>>>  Like the kind you bake with <<<<
Nexus: Nooooooooo
Nexus: Omfg.
compwhizii: Well I asked and you said yes holy shitt
Nexus: I was joking.
Nexus: Lol.
compwhizii: argh no I don't want sass dough that's dumb

Yes comp you are insane. lol DEAL IS still open.

Why the flying fuck do you think someone will give you a game that costs real money for some virtual dough on some shitty server?

Because alot of people do and its hardley fucking shitty.

If alot of people do then why don’t you already have the game? :downs:

You’re fucking stupid if you couldn’t see he wanted REAL dough.


(and that he was taking the piss the entire time)

Too bad I already have all the unlocks in Sass. :smug:


But what if the server goes down the day after… AAA HA HA HAAAAAAAAAAAAA!
Then you just got ripped off…

It wont tho. Its a very popular server.

Sass is :insertwittyadjectivehere: :smug:


I felt like it. But no seriously, actually Ill give you HL2 EP2 for free… I have a extra copy, give me your steam link or whatever.