Satellite Targeted Asgard Teleporter

Something I’ve been working on this evening:

Nothing special IMO but good try

would be quite useful with other players.

Reminds me of star trek.

I like the idea, I do think u should make it more accurate like u have settings to make it react more or less to the turning etc and that u can zoom in.

With a little tweaking this would make a sexy weapons delivery system.

Sweet! Can i get a save file of that? Just so i can toy around with the concept…

So you can just toy around with it and edit a tiny bit of it and call it yours?

This is actually quite nifty! what did you use for the satellite? I like this! when my computer becomes un-intheshopped, I am going to make one of these but better.

you did not just use the word ‘nifty’

What’s wrong with nifty? I use it all the time, along with such utterances as “neat-o” and “sweet waffles of satan”

don’t forget “the


no, i am working on an entity that follows the same principle. A reference would be nice.

@Bynari: I believe that nifty is one of the most orgasmic phrases ever.

This is really easy stuff. You don’t need a reference.

Funny how people keep saying it’s simple, as if the greatness of a contraption is measured ONLY in how complex it is. This is one of the most original ideas I’ve seen in a long time, and extremely useful in Spacebuild maps, but I guess originality and usefulness mean nothing here anymore…

What the hell. He asked if he could get a reference to how he did it. I never said anything about the originality of this contraption.

Thanks man. All I really wanted was a copy so i could reference it so I could see what i was doing wrong, should I arrive at such an instance. I’m not very good at making practical contraptions. I’m a bit more on the artsy side. Any way, if I can get a reference copy, that would be excellent, if not, oh well…Worse things could happen.