Sauron Shadow of Mordor SFM WIP

Seeing how I finally got his textures and original rig (thank god for maxscripts) it only seems fitting the Dark Lord should get his spot in SFM… that is if I wasn’t an idiot and knew how to compile models properly for SFM :confused:

Couldn’t you upload the textures at least? I posted the rigged model in another thread, maybe someone will convert all that stuff to SFM.

nice. the textures look a lil ‘dirty’. do the have the witch king in there too? maybe with dragon and that clobber thing? :v:

witch king actually did not make an appearance in Shadow of Mordor, honestly makes me sad to say that :frowning:

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if you want i’ll P.M. you the textures

Yes, please, I’d appreciate your PM. Especially if you have textures for Black Hand too.

Don’t forget that cool burning texture that you found. I was hoping that the parts where he immolates himself during combat could be replicated.[/t]
[t] this includes the textures, normal maps, and the model as well but you won’t need the model, also I have yet to find the Black Hand’s textures as of yet, i’ll keep looking though

well I’m actually going to work on the burning texture some more (initially I modified the original to get the burning look) i’ll update you when I know how to make it look authentic enough for myself and others

nice stash. i dunno what you think those normals maps are tho. the green is the inverted red. and the alpha is the green.

it also might need a specular mask and an ambient bake. but can look good. ‘quick’ puzzle. :smile:

O_O the glory, 10/10 you are a winner (I mean that)

denied. i’m not. i only checked it. tryna assist. and i even made a mistake. you should probably not invert the normal map channels. i inverted the green too. i had to figure that out with a point light. the normal map is seriously not a perfect raw material for every corner of the model. it barely looks correct in blender. you don’t wanna look on top of the head. weird. a bit of work. :smile:

Thank you, MORGOT ZEONE!

oh heck i cant wait

yeah it might be a while because, I tried to compile the model once but I screwed up some how, so until I can master the technique of porting things to SFM, you guys have to wait (and I hate when I have to make such statements)

What was the issue?

Maybe I can help. I’ve compiled a fair few models to SFM (close to 150 or so unique models, not counting the ~8000 models I’ve batch-ported…), including more than a fair share of ones that caused all sorts of stress in bizarre ways.

It just kept erroring, and I may have screwed up when scripting the jiggle bones to his… skirt thing, but if you can help I would appreciate that very much

as some would know by now, Sauron is available on the SFM workshop but now i’m in the works of updating him with his cloak… sadly every time I add “$translucent” 1 into his cloak and kilt vmt’s this happens

this has been a very frustrating issue I’ve been dealing with not just with Sauron, but with Kalameet’s wings (ya know, the dragon from dark souls) if anyone can tell me what I need to do to fix this headache of a problem please do tell