Sauron's Mace

I hacked Sauron’s mace off Sauron’s back, because there weren’t any ‘big’ mace models for fantasy poses.

Credits to Omolong for the help with compiling and stuff.

Filefront link:

If FF is down:

I hope this prop is useful. If you have any problems (which is likely), complain about them here and I’ll try to fix.

How about releasing that other prop as well?

Nah, it was just an experiment.

Imagine having that shoved where the sun doesn’t shine!

So much red…

That mace looks awesome!

Thanks for the hack Joazz ^^

Don’t forget me! Without me he would not have a program, or know how to hack.

I will never forget the day you taught me to hack :love:

Sorry! Ubber thanks to you too ^^