Savage Crew is going to Play Rust Futurely @DEVS,

Savage Crew is Playing Rust in the Next time

and we really thankfull for 1 Beta Key to Support the Gamedesigner.
and we are over 100 People and are very interested to join this Game

SavageRay (Head of Savage)

Facebook Group -> savagecrew

Official Homepage:



(User was banned for this post ("Key begging/didn't read the sticky" - postal))

And who the hell cares? :v:

Me and my Friends… its a interesting Game…

So you and your 12 fans are going to invade the game? Oh no! :v:

If i understood this correctly you are asking for a beta key and if that is actually the case, then read the sticky:

“In the meantime, if you have over 100K Youtube subscribers or over 10 million total views, PM me for your last shot at obtaining my remaining keys. If you have 1 million total twitch views or over 8,000 twitch followers, PM me. That is the absolute minimum required to pm me. If you PM me without meeting the requirements, you will be banned for 1 week. I don’t care about your plan to single-handedly introduce the game to the South American community with your army of 12 subscribers, if you don’t meet the minimum, it’s a 1-week ban.”

Okay Thanks for the Information… but i dont have this Followers or Somethinh Higher… but i really just wanna try it. i can wait too… thats not my problem… thank you for your infos guys

Bye OP.

Have a good one, mate.


Oh god, the 12 army is here.


The thread have been discussed about and doesn’t need to be bumped. Why would you do this? For your own sake? Probably a bad move.