Savas ideas + new larger pvp map

I love Savas island more than the traditional rust honestly because it’s more fast paced and pvp oriented and feels less risky to do things and less shitty when I get cheaply killed. However I really dislike the complete no build function, a great addition would be to add the placement of things like traps, fires, sleeping bags, and chests… These aren’t really base items but rather are better for roaming. In my experience it would be much better and a great way to connect with friends on the map as well.

In the end on a possibly different map, lets call savas a small size map. I would like to see a new medium or larger sized map with much more building zones. Right now the issue with savas is it’s kind of a naked kill fest/camping in shacks for hours, players are not spread out enough to compete with players who get a lucky gun spawn and then snowball to the top. A new better map would be lets say a map with at least 2-4 building zones and much more diverse spawns being both on all 360 sides of the beaches and some inland to stop naked spawn killing. Of course this new map would have a slightly increased amount of map structures to compensate for size and instead of a sphere at the center it could include a dungeon (when they are released) with the best loot. And lastly this map would have minor building permissions of things like sleeping bags, traps, ect… (but still only build bases in 2-4 building zones). Savas is big… but its not that big and doesn’t even incorporate all the biomes, has minimal spawning diversity which causes spawn killing, and is difficult to meet up with parties sometimes. Please add a bigger map! :slight_smile: good work guys.