Seems i have a problem
i have save.all added to my config file and it’s always been there
After this weeks update my server was wiped, so i checked out why and found a new .sav file completely blank
I stopped the server and renamed my backup and started the server again, again nothing, the .sav file was blank again.
So i removed the save.all from the config and renamed the backup again and started the server and bingo my world was back

So i added the save.all back to the config and restarted the server, boom my world and the .sav file was blank again.

Is this a bug or am i doing something wrong ?
do i need the save.all as the server is still producing backups for me to download ??
The other weird thing is all the .sav files are identical and have the same time on them

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

adding it to your config means it runs a world save, after starting up, which is kind of useless. Also this looks like HFB’s control panel. they also have ftp access if you want to save the backups somewehre else.

Yea, what Sgt. Lumpy said.

save.all is rather useless in your cfg file. You want to manually run save.all from the console before you turn off the server, not right as you turn it on.

HFB has FTP access, I had a scheduled task on my PC at home to auto FTP all of my save files to my local computer every couple hours. Using save.all and then physically backing up the saves to your computer is the best way to keep a safe backup.

What Sgt said, plus, they likely all have the same timestamp because it looks your provider is doing a cascaded copy each time for every save to increment each save’s index.

Thanks Guys
I will do the save.all from the console in future

The provider is Nitrous-Networks for the record,
same panel as HFB :slight_smile:

you can run a timed job to do a save.all, I found this is the “best” method available at the moment to prevent major loss ( 8+hours), and for goodness sakes, always before a restart.

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automating a ftp copy was not something I thought of, another great idea.

save.autosavetime “amount”
Can i put that in the config with no problems ?

Also like you say FTP backup is a good idea :slight_smile:

If you tell your server to save - either with save.all (in the web console, remote rcon or your config file), or by hitting Stop or Restart on your server control panel, BEFORE the world save has loaded (and the log/console then says Server Initialized), then your server will save a blank, 0-byte world file. This is a fault with Rust (it shouldn’t save if it hasn’t loaded anything), not with any particular mod, update or host.

Good call on the automated FTP backups - setting that up tomorrow :slight_smile:

is this a new command? ive never seen it before

Its in the Rust server commands list on their wiki