Save and Load Problems with PHX V3

So, I got the Phoenix Storm pack a few days back, and I was having fun with it. That is, until I tried saving the game. Whenever I spawn any of the construction models (i.e. 4x4 Metal Plate, Curve 180, or 1x1 Plate etc.) and I freeze it anywhere on the map and save the game and then load the saved game, that PHX object is frozen there forever. I can’t undo a weld (because I didn’t weld) or move it with the Physgun. Even worse, any prop (or ragdoll etc.) will fall through it like it doesn’t exist, although I can still see it. So I tried welding it in mid-air to the ground, saved, loaded, but still doesn’t work. The same things happen.

I was about to die because I needed the pack so much, but luckily, I found FacePunch. I hope you guys can help me out. The pack is SO USEFUL, but nothing can be useful if it doesn’t even work! (I guess that makes sense?)

Anyways, I have 4GB RAM on a MacBook (aluminum) with Snow Leopard. BUT some dude made Steam for Mac and everything else on Steam works so fine on it that I don’t blame the fact that I’m on a Mac. So, yeah. Please help. -KP

Saves don’t really work on Garry’s Mod. If you need to save a contraption you have made, you need to use an addon called Adv Duplicator

Thank you so much! But, I’m trying to save a whole base… If I want to Duplicate it with the Adv Dup tool, the whole fort has to be welded together… Or maybe I can save it piece by piece! Thank you anyways! Now I have to make sure that my friend has the Adv Duplicator, as he is the server host, right? If he has it, then I can take my fort any where, right?

You can save it if it isn’t constrained by holding shift (like when selecting multiple files in windows).
And yes you will be able to spawn it anywhere on any server and any map as long as the server has adv duplicator.

By the way, in case you didn’t already know, the correct way of getting adv duplicator is by downloading wiremod using SVN. SVN Tutorial:

Thanks! It did work online, and the Shift part was useful! However, I got the Adv. Dupe some time ago, but I didn’t get it with Wire. And since I’m on a Mac, I believe I can’t do the SVN thing. Thanks anyways. :smiley: