Save feature??

Would it be possible to save the game with lua??Because every time I save the game it crashes.

Crashes for me also. If I recall correctly, Adv Dupe has some option where you can select every prop within a radius, if you make that radius some thing stupid huge so it grabs every entity you could then save it all.

Pasting it, Adv Dupe also has a “paste at origin” tick box option or some thing that you can use.

Making one in lua wouldn’t be very hard though.

Same here, was it the update?
Also effects seem to crash me.

I’ve only tried saving once, and it was a retardedly huge contraption, so it crashed. So I’m not sure if it’s the props, or just everyone

Everybody thinks the update broke it. There’s a similar thread to this with lots of post and almost all of them say the saving is broken :sigh: