Save Game Not Working

Hey guys. I have a problem… Every single time i download a save game or save a game i load it up but when i try to push butoons or play with npcs they don’t work! I mean the buttons don’t do anything and the npcs are frozen in place! I need help! Please respond as soon as possible.


HELLO? I’m sorry i need a reply now! ‘Laugh out loud’






well i guess nobody will reply I think it might be an update that totally screwed it up.

lua_reloadents in console if you can’t use any tools in the save. And just get adv duplicator (wiremod svn version) for uploading things.

I tried lua-reloadents but it didn’t work so. I downloaded a rube goldberg device but I can’t weld them together to save it in Adv. Dupe and my Adv. Dupe won’t save its broken

Anybody please help! I really need my save games to work!

YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME! I’ve been through 3 months without save games working!!!

Did you get garrysmod off of steam?

Maybe the save is broken.

Yeah i got garry’s mod off steam for $10 and i don’t know if it is the save that is broken cause i downloaded 2 rube goldberg devices and they both didn’t work. But ULTRA FORT REVOLUTION did.

I have the same problem and i don’t know how to fix, my npc’s are frozen and you can’t kill them. i got the save from its a kill breen mission

Why would you download a kill breen mission in the first place