Save game problem.

Since the update, every time I load a saved single player game, I get errors like this “gamemodes\sandbox\entities\weapons\gmod_tool\shared.lua:150] attempt to call method ‘GetInfo’ (a nil value)”, repeating over and over in console and on the right side of the screen, and none of the tools will work. The only references I see to this when searching pertains to coding stuff, which I haven’t messed with.
Starting a new game works fine. I’m not into anything complicated, as I’ve just started playing this. I have wiremod installed with tortoiseSVN and nothing else. Everything seemed to be fine before the update earlier this week.
Any ideas?

Edit: I’ve tried reinstalling.

No one uses save games.
It’s just buggy, never worked fine.
Use Advance Duplicator instead, which is a tool that comes with Wiremod.

Im using save game and it works fine :rolleyes:

I’ve used them before, but not often