Save Legacy!

You would be wrong. You can’t even see the combat issues Garry acknowledged and has been trying to improve. But keep telling each other everything is grrreat! and everyone who doesn’t think so is a whiner or has something wrong with them.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with people that like Legacy better than Rust. I just think they/you aren’t open minded or flexible enough to move on and accept what Rust has become. I don’t mean that in a bad way. I loved Legacy, and now I love Rust. I have no desire to play Legacy because the current version gives me everything I loved about the original and more.

Any proof on these totally invisible yet obvious combat issues Garry acknowledged? Obviously there are still issues but aside from performance issues there really isn’t a good reason to play legacy over main unless you have a problem with the projectile bullets.

And on a side note I’m almost positive that “failure to adapt” does not equal “whiner with something wrong with them.”

Uhh, well, I’ve to agree with cinderstar though. I also like the pvp in Legacy more. It has nothing to do with your “failure to adapt”. It’s just a matter of taste I guess.

Besides that, I think the new Rust is still missing some stuff that were better in Legacy. But I believe these things will be added later to the game. No worries for me yet. :slight_smile:

Sorry I phrased that poorly. I meant people who demand legacy be updated so they never have to play new rust even in the future. I can totally 100% agree that there are temporary issues that would make someone want to play legacy until they’re fixed.

Im interested though on your reasons legacy combat feels better? I’ve played both and honestly don’t see a big enough difference besides the bullet systems that I’ve already mentioned.

legacy is garbage.

Oh, not everything is pvp related of what I miss from Legacy. I made a list some days ago on the Rust subreddit but I hope you don’t mind if I’m posting them again:

  • Healing is a joke atm. A good balance in healing is an important factor of good PvP play. This needs balance, cooldowns…

  • Aim of some weapons aren’t accurate. more info here:

  • There are no weapon mods.

  • Terrible bullet drop (too much in a short distance)

  • PvP still feels a bit clunky. I think it’s because of the weapon sway.

  • Bleeding is too much.

  • Although this is getting better every day: Maps are still very open. What made the Legacy map so great are the clustered rocks on mountains.

  • Current radtowns are placeholders. Radtowns that are in the game now are boring.

  • There needs to be more armour clothing. Atleast give us some stats on existing clothing in the UI.

  • No workbench, no research kit kind of system.

  • There are currently no defense items such as wood barricades, spike walls etc…

  • It’s still unknown how the building/construction system will be. For example: cupboard or no cupboard? resource costs?

  • Raiding isn’t balanced. Example: how to raid water bases? And how about rock bases? How will the damage table be eventually? I see much discussion about this on the Facepunch forums.

  • Legacy had 3 pistols ingame: P250, 9mm pistol, revolver. Current Rust has 1: Revolver (Eoka doesn’t really count). More handguns will be welcome, but I heard they are planned (SMG’s will probably be the next firearms).

  • No starter homes like shelters to survive your first night in.

Once again, I know it’s just a matter of time most of these stuff will be in game eventually. Also, this is not a rant. I’m just trying to give constructive feedback of what I think is currently missing from Legacy.

Lag/reduced FPS is an issue when you enter some combat situations. This is noticeable enough that when Lirik showed the game to 30K new people, he commented on it as a serious issue that needs to be fixed. I am pretty sure I read recently that FP has tried to fix this, but think it is not gone yet.

If you did a side by side video comparison you would clearly see that combat and movement are different at this point in both version. Can you find a gun and shoot someone? Sure. It is not about that. Many players have said good PvP is one of the main things they liked about Rust. It will be great when new Rust gets as good as legacy in this area.

The irony of using ‘counter-strike players’ as a pejorative with Minh Le on the Rust team …

When he came on, I really thought gun play would get a lot better, but I don’t get the feeling he’s even involved with that part of the game.

Maybe chuck the zombies back into legacy for shits and giggles :wink:

New version is much sexier and still has that legacy vibe and sure that its early days yet for features/fun. Just because Garry & Co haven’t added ‘huge rocky areas’ doesn’t mean that they won’t return… you should really watch this beast roll along… it’s in very good hands.

It’s been my experience that when people talk about “OMG LEGACY PVP IS SOOOOOOO MUCH BETTER”, they’re the people who log in and pester the admin for full kevlar.

This ain’t CoD’n’Craft.

Legacy is moreso “what people are used to” rather than “better”. It was originally something “stable” to play when that version of Rust was the primary version. The only reason it exists still is as a “this is how the game used to be, a relic of the past” deal. If they want to phase it out totally, so be it. Given time “new” Rust will be superior. Take the time to get used to something new, let go of the past.

Alright guys. As one of the “Hardcore veteran Legacy players” or whatever you want to call them, as well as someone who actively follows the New Rust’s development and as someone with “more than 10 posts” on this forum, I want to say that the petition isn’t gonna do shit and people need to learn to accept that Legacy Rust is dead or at least dying with no hopes of ever returning to life and it’s time people accept that.

I think most people can agree on the fact that Legacy is in a more playable state, I disagree the New Rust is superior in that right now but it should be obvious the New Rust has more potential. Cinderstar pointed it out perfectly; New Rust is still just a framework, the bare foundations, it’s alpha and an earlier stage of alpha for that matter when comparing it to the alpha stage Legacy is in so it’s not quite fair to compare them and say which is better in general.

I think a great example of the PVP people say they miss can be found in this video from Insub:

Have those of you pining for Legacy played the current version for more than a few minutes? Have you spent the time exploring, gathering, building, and making alliances and enemies?

“Have you spent the time exploring, gathering, building, and making alliances and enemies?”
What does this have to do with PvP combat?

No one is pining for Legacy. We are saying some parts of legacy, such as combat, are better. It is like it is actually painful for you to admit anything in legacy is better.

This is an example of the problems you are trying to deny exist for some reason:

Ofcourse. As a matter of fact I play both. But why can’t you accept my opinion about Legacy having better PvP? And who are you trying to convince with that video? I get it, you really don’t understand that such people exist but there are plenty of people that are unhappy about the current gameplay. Just let them tell their story instead of dumbing them down. And yes, sure there are some kids crying because they can’t ‘CoD’ in Rust anymore. But not everyone is like that.

Cinderstar man you seem confused. The literal title for this thread is “save legacy!” Nobody is arguing that there are currently better features still in legacy but you seem to be defending people asking Garry to continue updating legacy while at the same time acknowledging that you believe future rust will be better than legacy eventually. Its just contradictory. It makes ZERO amount of sense to develop 2 versions of the same game just because some people got too attached to a work in progress.

I am not saying Legacy should be worked on. I said quite the opposite early on on this thread. Not every post is an answer to the first post in the thread. I am replying to the post I quoted when I hit reply.

We probably all agree, except for the few people insisting that combat and everything is better in the new Rust. I don’t like fanboys. They stifle any dialogue about how to improve Rust by arguing with people who have a legitimate concern (such as new Rust’s combat not being good enough yet).

Blah Blah Blah. If we dump the new version and carry on developing legacy, it will just end up becoming the new version again and you’ll moan that we should roll back and give you legacy from 2 years back.

Instead of trying to get us to do something we’re obviously not going to do, why don’t you just play the new version and let us know what’s wrong with it - and then it might evolve into something you want to play. This is the development process.