Save/load system FAIL

my gmod 10 saveload system broke. i tried to rename Steam Username
–( under: cdrive-programfiles-steam-steamapps-[username] )–
and it split into 2 different files! i went on gmod to find that i could TRY to load a save but it wouldnt even make it to the loading screen. the load window just goes away!

On a pause menu, the save button isnt even there and i cant use quicksave! I deleted one of the split folders and all my saves and still nothing!

Has anybody been dumb enough to do this, and , is there an answer?

Okay,try and do this: Goto your save folder, and completely delete it. Don’t worry, once you restart Garrysmod it will think “Hey there is no save folder in here…” and it will create a new one, hopefully fixing the corrupted parts of the save folder.

Okay, Change the name of what “[username]” used to be back to normal, place all your account names in

Steamapps, all the tools, and games go through that.

For example

c:\program files\steam\steamapps\username\garrysmod\garrysmod

Thats where it should be, Take and delete the Garrysmod folder after the first “garrysmod”
(Dont worry, you will still have garrysmod)
Be sure to move anything you want to keep to a different folder. Then place the new folder you made on your desktop. Name it “Addons” if what you wanted to keep is in “addons”, and name it “Maps” if what you wanted to keep is in maps. Do that for any folder you want to keep.

Hope this helped