Save missions

The file contains all the addons/maps and ofcourse the saves for these missions. The only other thing that is required is the drop weapon script, found here
For each mission there is a starting point, noclip quickly out of the map before you start and drop all of your weapons, then go to the starting point for each mission. I will have some pictures of the starting points and video walkthroughs for each soon.

Mission 1: Train Bombing Mission Objectives: Eliminate all the terrorists and plant C4 at bombsite A or B while sweeping through to take out the terrorists.
Mission 2: Hostage Rebel Kill all cp’s while trying to save as many citizens as possible.
Mission 3: Zombie Parkhouse Make it out of the parkhouse and find proper weapons to defend yourself, while doing so try to preserve as many survivors as possible.
Mission 4:Arctic Hideout Eliminate all combine and/or zombies in the base, to setup as a rebel outpost.
Mission 5:Bonus Find better weapons and survive as long as possible.
There are also extra missions.

Videos: Coming soon.
Arctic Hideout

** Hostage Rebel**


All credit goes to everyone who made the addons, models, etc.
I only made the Saves and uploaded them in a convenient pack.

Ababs save addon 1 and 2.

REAL imaginative mission names there.

Holy fuck.

Not more of this randomly spawned NPC save shit.

They’re strategically and logically placed npcs, have you even tried it?
And Im not going to take hours thinking of original names.