Save your buildings!?

Just think about how sweet that would be. I’ve ALWAYS wanted something that would let me do this. I’m sick of having to download save files just to use something someone else built. Or building something magnificent and then coming back to the game and forgetting how you did it.

Please, if there is something like this already…post it. If not let me know what you think of this idea.


Ehm, are you suggesting what the Adv-dup does? Or are you talking about something else?

All I’m talking about is the ability to save the things that you build into your props.

Into your props? What do you mean? :confused:

You mean saving them on the map?

Give us a hint here!


I mean after you build something…being able to save it so that you can exit the game…play again another day and spawn it without having to re-build it again. Just by clicking a button it will respawn what you built 2 days ago.

Advanced duplicator does this.

Ah…Then I sir, am a noob.
How does one go about performing such a task?

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nvm im a nub, i know now.

Figure out how to get it. Actually just go here:
It will also give you WIRE, so you are in good shape. You will have to join the website real quick to be able to download it, and I am hoping you have Windows.

Wow, someone is really incapable of using GOOGLE