Savegame -> Multiplayer

Does anyone know whether there is any way to load a save game into Multiplayer?
Yes I know that not a “default” option.
The idea is to prepare the map in single player, save it, and later load it on the server and play it with your friends, so adv dupe is no solution for my problem.

I tried to change a single player game into a multiplayer one using the console with the commands maxplayers and sv_lan, but it is not possible to change maxplayers while the game is running and you are not able to load a save game after you set maxplayers to something other than 1 and of course you also can’t use the load command while running a multiplayer server.

So does anyone a Way to start a save game as a multiplayer game?

Only thing you can do is Adv Duplicator. I don’t see why you can’t use it.

It’s not able to do it in the source engine, why can’t you use ADV. DUPE? :psyduck:

Well the thing we do is the following :
We build “Missions”(with npcs, traps, puzzles) for each other and the other one has to complete them using only SWEPs and previously build Constarptions (meaning no noclip, stools, or physgun) . Building the “missions” can take hours. The Problem is now, that we use a lan server (via hamchi) and that the server sometimes crashed or the connection is severed-> hours of preparations go down the drain. The only solution we currently have is to build in singleplayer and send the save to the other one, but it is only half as much fun if you can’t see how the one completes the missions (or does nott and walk right into your traps^^)

Thats why Adv dupe just wont do…

Buy a server, they are much more reliable.

I just checked the prices, seems to be affordable^^
any recomendations for a cheap+reliable hoster in Europe?

xenonservers is in dallas, they’re pretty cheap 0,75 gbp per slot

Xenon is Amazing :gooncamp:


Check the “Paste Original Location” box.

Problem solved.

Why can’t you just put sv_lan 0?

He would need to change level.

You know, you don’t really need to buy a server, you can use your computer as one, I think this should help.

You could host your own dedicated server. That way you can leave the game or play on a different singleplayer/multiplayer map without losing your stuff.

This tutorial got mine running.