Save's getting corrupt (Tried everything)

Hello guys,

I recently made an fort in GMOD but when i want to load it i cant use any stools at all. So i’ve searched at the forum and found this command “gamemode_reload” so i tried it and it worked! BUT all my buttons and such fall on the ground and when i press them they say
“includes/modules/numpad.lua:102: table index is nil”. Anyone that could help me?

Save are broken; use Advance Duplicator.

For real? That sux, because if you make a door for example in an existing map. You cant save it…

wonder if saving will ever work in gmod…

It wont. Which is a dissapointment.


It requires the coders to set support. They almost always set support for Adv. Dupe, but not very often for saved games. They just don’t like doing more work, when you can do the exact same things with Adv. Dupe, and you can recreate them on any map you want, anytime, anywhere.

So yeah, use Adv. Duplicator.