Saving a table to PData

Okay so when I save a multidimensional table to PData it saves with no error, But when I load it and try to set a variable to it I get an error saying table expect, Got string. Here is the code


function meta:InventorySave()

	self:SetPData("Inventory" , self.inventory)



function meta:InventoryLoad()

	local inv = self:GetPData("Inventory" , -1)

	if inv ~= -1 then

		print("[INVENTORY] Loaded inventory for "..self:Nick())
		self.inventory = inv


		print("[INVENTORY] Created PData for "..self:Nick())
		self.inventory = {}
		self.inventory[1] = {}
		self.inventory[1].itemID = 1
		self.inventory[1].amount = 2



The error is on the line with “self.inventory = inv”
The error is

[ERROR] gamemodes/gmodz/gamemode/inventory/sv_inventory.lua:84: bad key to string index (number expected, got string)

  1. error - [C]:-1
  2. __index - lua/includes/extensions/string.lua:310
    3. InventoryLoad - gamemodes/gmodz/gamemode/inventory/sv_inventory.lua:84
    4. v - gamemodes/gmodz/gamemode/inventory/sv_inventory.lua:17
    5. unknown - lua/includes/modules/hook.lua:84

PData uses the SQL database of the server or client. The column in the PData SQL table is set to the data type TEXT, a string type, and GetPData makes no effort to convert it. Therefore, if your data is not a string, you need to convert it back to whatever type you want to use. With tables, you could use table.concat to convert the table into one string and then save that using PData. When you try to retrieve it, simply use string.Explode to convert it back into a table. You will still need to use tonumber to convert the strings in a table back to a number that you can use for arithmetic. You could also use util.TableToJSON to convert the table into a JSON string and then save that to the database. When you want to get the PData, just use util.JSONToTable to convert the JSON back into a table.


Yeah, table.concat won’t work with this table because there are tables within the main table. Use util.TableToJSON instead.