Saving as .lua doesn't work?

Msg(“Hey,”…myName…", check it out!/n"
Msg(“Oh Yea!/n”)
Msg(“I script!/n”
Msg(“Thats right, motherf*cker!”

I’m learning from gmod’s scripting lua. But, EVERYTHING I MAKE doesn’t save as .lua. Everything already on the site, does save as .lua… :frowning: Why?

You need to set your folder to show file extensions, otherwise it will be saved as blabla.lua.txt

if you do it in plain notepad (get notepad++ tho :p)
save as -> select all files (.) and save it as file.lua
then it should save it as the extension given

Yea, be careful to select all files first, then name it <name here>.lua. Dont change the writing language or whatever, keep it at ANSI!!