Saving DarkRP Cars

Hi. I’m making a custom DarkRP server, and I installed sickness models for the car dealer class to sell, but I was wondering. Could I make it where the cars are saved on the server? For example:

  1. Buy a car.
  2. Drive it around, use it.
  3. When your done playing on the server you can press alt + e or something to put it in your inventory.
  4. When you rejoin bring up your inventory and spawn your car

Is this possible? I think I remember playing on a darkrp server that had this…
Anyway, I already have DerpRP inv installed on my server, so could I just add like a new category for cars on that? Because that only saves shipments, weapons, and entities.

If you Know of an addon that does this please give a link!

I now know you have to use MySQL

Unless you are a really good coder, I suggest hiring a dev.

This isn’t easy stuff :slight_smile:

Says the man that was going to do it for me D:

It is possible, because my Dark RP Gmod server had one. My co-owner custom wrote it. But, In the end I got rid of it because some of the cars had issues with players exiting the car and getting under the map. The way it worked is you would talk to an NPC who sells the cars. You buy it and then spawn it, drive it and when you leave it disappears. When you rejoin you talk to him again and you can spawn it.

I made one the other day, I may release when my Community wears it out. It features: A decent gui, passenger seats, fuel , damage and car upgrades.

Um, if one of you are willing to give it to me, that would be awesome. Or I could buy it from you.

Add me on steam. I can sell you one for 15-20 dollars.

mikebcbc is my steam name.

I added you, my steam name is Optimus_Composite.