Saving/Importing objects into blender

I’ve just started getting used to blender after 1-2 hours of creating boxes, but I still can’t manage to do few things.

So, basically, I want to import part of my first project (.blend) into another project (.blend), the point is that I’ve downloaded some “minecraft kit for blender” and there are few objects created with all their materials and stuff, but I can’t really seem to find any option to save part of the project to some ‘prefab’ or something like that.

If anyone knows how to do such a thing, then I would be very thankful to get the answear.

Also, if you feel like you may help me with blender in the future, then add me on steam! (Which I would really appreciate)

What you could do is export the first project as an .obj file and import it to the other project as an .obj file, I’m not sure if there are any problems with that method since I use it from time to time and I’m pretty happy with my results.

Hope this helps.