Saving in a server

Im new to gmod so i apologize for my stupid question. Is there a way to save multiplayer. Ive heard of adv duplicater. What does that exactly do?

Basically my friend and i wanna take the cr18_v1 level and put props in it, We’d then like to save that level as a new level but with those props placed in it. i know in single player you can just save the game, however is there any tool to save an entire multiplayer map?

Sorry again if its one of those annoying questions. Please help though, thanks.

If you use advance duplicator, You have to weld / nocollide / constraint all the props together, so I won’t recommend that. I suggest you to just stay with the singleplayer, or build it again every time. If you want to place a whole map in adv dupe, that would take alot of time, since anything has to be constraint together.
I hope this is enough info?

  1. Get wiremod SVN.
  2. Make your building
  3. Weld every prop to a other prop.
  4. Open tool menu, Under construction tools you will find, “Advanced Duplicator”.
  5. Right click on your building, base, etc…
  6. Now every prop should be in ghost mode.
  7. Open tool menu, and click “Save to server”.
  8. Give it a name and that other stuff.
  9. Next time you wanna spawn it, just click the file what ever you called it, and click “Open”.
  10. Just spawn it were ever you like, and BAM!