saving RocketManias Partys

hi! i was going through my old coderhire purchases and saw rocketmanias party system, so i downloaded but now i want to beable to save the partys when my server restarts, any help?

i can only think of PData but i dont know where to start, any help would be amazing!

Why not ask Rocketmania himself?

i cant because my purchase was on coderhire (now down) and not all of my scripts have moved over to script fodder

You can’t, under normal circumstances, save parties between restarts. It’s fundamental that each party has a leader. You can probably modify it to do this, though, but don’t ask me how.

ok, ive been able to modify it to allow players to disconnect and that and still be in the party but its qutie glitchy

Most CoderHire authors migrated their purchases to ScriptFodder. If you’re being honest right now, ask Rocketmania, provide proof of purchase if necessary.