Saving to file with the duplicator tool and texture question

I would like to see the ability to save something I create to file with the duplicator so I can use it later. I know theres the Adv duplicator tool, but that doesn’t work in vanilla GMod servers. I don’t see why this ability isn’t included in GMod.

Also, I don’t have CS:S or DOD:S but I have a question. How come the models show up for me when players use models from those games, but no textures? If you can include the models for those characters, I don’t see why you can’t include the textures.

Well, you should be able to see the textures.
Unless ofcourse you downloaded a demo and extracted the files.

To show my point with the texture thing better, here’s a picture. Click it to enlarge.
As you can see, that’s some sort of CS:S player model. I DON’T have CS:S, so obviously it is included with GMod. I checked the GMod GCF with GCFscape and saw the models included in Gmods files, but could not find the textures anywhere in it. So why does it include the models, but not the textures?

Here’s another picture that shows all 10 models that are missing their textures. They’re all from CS:S and DOD:S. I don’t understand why the models are included but not the materials.
Click to enlarge: