Ok. i will include the parts in the clinit and init of the moneysystem. So if anyone can be so kind and add a file.write/read save to it… it would be +rep

draw.SimpleText("Money: $" .. LocalPlayer():GetNWInt("money"), -- Get the player's money :D
					"ScoreboardText", -- Font type
					15, -- Another number! :D
					735, -- Another number! :D
					Color(255, 255, 255, 255), -- The Colour of the text :D - In this case BLACK :o
					0, -- Where it is on the X-axis :D
					0) -- Where it is on the Y-axis :O

	if killer:IsPlayer() then
		killer:SetNWInt( "money", killer:GetNWInt("money") + moneyadd )

Best regards, Kuddie.

I’m not really sure what you’re asking. Do you mean a database to store their money? If so, I would use SQL rather than text files (easier to manage).

You can find a good SQL tutorial here:

I cant find the plugin for it. And ive never been good with SQL… And…

It would be easier with file… And yes i mean somewhere to store their money.

Fastedit. The system is working. But it doesnt get saved.

You don’t need a plugin to use SQL. SQLite is built in to Garrysmod. look here.

Yes. But i cant open that file. Cuz i need to create stuff dont i?

You don’t even have to set anything up to start using SQL.


Read the tutorials on that page I linked.

Well. How am i supposed to set up table money? And. Ive never understood SQL. thats why i asked for help with file.

That’s why I said to read the tutorials … to help you understand SQL.


The tutorials will explain it better than I can.

Nevermind what i said about SQL… It owned and i will prob always use it.