SAW 2: Flesh and Blood

now that zombie studious have finally stopped being cheap and got Tobin Bell to voice and face model for SAW 2 : Flesh and Blood even though the game is not on pc it still uses the unreal engine that i know can be ripped from… so if possible please try… and if you want don’t hesitate to get Pig Head and a Billy doll seeing as his model has been given more vertices and polygons (if having trouble maybe a emulator and 3dx ripper??)

Jigsaw/John Kramer:

Pig Head:


and just pushing it but could you get Campbell Iman with the venus fly trap (with the trap on him as well as off) :

Pig Head and Billy can be ported from the first one

but there are higher quality models available… and i should know i have tried to port from the first and have played both games… but if you find a way… port Amanda from the first game

Just use Umodel.

true, i would do this but im getting the game on ps3 and the locking on blu ray discs is ridiculous

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also with saw 1 any model i ripped from umodel completely got analed by the compiler and than when rigging Amanda she went bitch mode and wouldn’t work

Does Umodel work over consoles?


but can you get it to work with ps3?? cos then i can rip the models once i finish it

Billy was already ported. You even uploaded it Jason.

Yeah, some guy ported and rigged it for CSS

I only made it a player, only problem with it is the size

but… even though there is a billy model… the saw 2 is of higher quality than the saw 1 like every other model e.g the reverse bear trap lillwasa ported has been improved

Actually, I would like to see some of the traps modeled, such as the reverse bear trap.

reverse bear trap has been done… i believe it’s in a lillwasa pack

[editline]18th December 2010[/editline] there it is

Well I did port the Venus Fly Trap (The one in the OP) and shotgun collar from the first game for my Saw ports pack

actually that reminds me that could Michaels spine gun trap be ported as well… also jason do you still have saw on pc??

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here :

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also jason why did you port a urinal

I could swear I’ve never seen that pack anywhere before just now.

Yeah, I still have it on the PC and I don’t know why I ported a urinal

Probably because I was bored and couldn’t think of something to port

okay jason you could be a complete babe a port Amanda young could you ??? also do you know why there are extra pig head files and Carla from the second game in there???

Can’t rig ragdolls sadly, I can probably extract the needed files but can’t rig it with a skeleton

okay that will do… i will try what i can as i’ve wanted the model for ages :L