Saw 2 "Needle Trap"

Based off of Saw 2’s “Needle Pit” I didnt really have the right model so I used a random citizen…

Edit: Im sorry I forgot to turn the graphics up…

Not bad.
Work on posing. And maybe add some blood since she did have a bit of blood on her. And turn up the graphics. Also wasn’t she on the floor in the movie?

Looks like some crazy lady overdosed on heroin.

Also if you own CSS I recommended this Saw map

It does have a needle pit room

She stood up after she got out…


Did you see the movie? If you didnt you wouldnt understand…

Do you even watch saw? SPOILER: One of them had to go in the needle pit and get the needles to save their lifes before the timer runs out

Ehh… Is this your first pose?

Wow thats awesome! Thanks…I dont really go on FPSBANANA…

Actually, [sp]Amanda had to get the key to the door but she failed. She didn’t have to get any needles[/sp]

I don’t think she would of. BRB watching the clip on youtube.

Ok i finished watching it (I skipped half of it) And she got help and the boy was taking the needles out while she was on the floor in pain.

Skip to 4:00.

I watched all of them.

To much scenes to remember them all.

Oh well i thought they had to get a needle for them self. Maybe she was getting a needle and getting the key at the same time? Since nearly in every clip someone has to get a key with needles.

Haha oh well, at least I got close :smiley:

I know. I got a idea. Redo the pose in that map (The one that a person gave you). And turn up the graphics. And put her on the ground. But don’t make a new thread use this one. Just Media the first one like this…

Insert picture here
Without spaces.

Actually Xavier was supposed to go get the key but he threw her in instead.


I dont have enough time tonight but I will first thing tommorrow.

I know that Xavier was suppose to go in.

Ok. Can’t wait. Also here is a tip.

  1. Add a bit of blood that can be found in Paint in Garry’s mod. Or if you know how to photo shop paint then do it that way.
  2. After you do this picture work on your posing. Like i’m not telling you to not do it but work on your posing after.
  3. Work on the posing for at least 5 minutes.

I though the title said Saw 2 “Need a trap”



Thanks for the tips! But the blood on paint is really stupid. Do you know where I can download some better blood effects?

Check around or FPSbanana, there can be some interesting blood decals in the CSS section

Cool, Thanks…