Saw 5, the coffin trap

Hey im done with The coffin trap from the Saw 5 movie (ending)


I just updated the Map :smiley: The next update will be about The Glass Box in the middle of the rood idk how to make it move with a player in :confused:


More Details
Music and Sound
Creepy guy walking
New Texture

If you dont know this trap here some details

One room with a Glass box in the middle
In the movie, the actor have to ender in else he die
The Side wall just start moving slowy and crush everything

I will update the Map soon as possible ( the Glass Box is not working yet so i put it in the floor and its empty
The map is very small cause it made for making machimina or what ever you want :stuck_out_tongue:

I uploaded the map on the Gmod Toybox under Physic

When you Enter the room the Door will Close and the walls start moving after around 20 sec so this is enough time to set up a little scene and recording :stuck_out_tongue:
right before entering the room you will see a button on the wall, Its just for restarting the Room :stuck_out_tongue:

I made it all myself and i thank IronPhoenix for the little tutorial he made for the moving walls

Hope you like it


New version

Old version

Here some picture
(the pictures are darker than the map :/)

For a first time mapper it’s not bad, welcome to the mapping section, hope to see some nice things from you.

The map itself is a bit dark to be honest, don’t think it’s even this dark in the film.

Also, help requests go in the mapping question megathread :slight_smile:

Yeah my bad :confused:

On my computer the map is not so dark … yeah activating the flashlight is good but i can see pretty good

I dont know why the picture are so Dark :open_mouth:

Dude, that was like, the best scene in a saw movie.

I am now Updating the map! With some Ambiant and horror style

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Css and Hl2 … not sure if there is more :confused:

I previously told you, you need to have a light source for your lights. You have random lights dotted around with no light source. Apart from that, it is good for your first map. Well done.

will put a light source later … XD


Very good handwriting for paint TCB

i was a dum babby

I am now working on it , I will Make more Trap, some room and such … this will be a Full Saw like Challenge