Saw, The Challenge Beta & questions

This is a beta map so i wont gonna Send it on Release Map Section

And i have 2 questions



Here is the Beta Map of the next map i am working on

The traps are escapable and you will ned logic :stuck_out_tongue:

I want to know what you think about it

The map is beta 1 so its my first try, i will still updating it but it may take a week to finish, if i work on few hours per day


Css Texture instaled in materials
Some others :confused:

Map [OLD]

Map v2 [NEW]



Is is possible to Extract the Texture with the map when i compile it or any other way
i mean, When i compile my map to bsp … is there a way to get the customized texture with it … this is pretty bad to see Untextured Things when im testing the map

Is it possible to Set a Second Spawn point … that you spawn ONLY when you died one time ?

Ex … Survival map … when you die you spawn to a … Game over Room . or something ?

Use a packing tool such as vide or pakrat.

Might be able to script it.

Use PackBSP. That will attach all custom Sounds, Materials and Models automatically from your Steam Directory that are in your map. Simple as that.

Vide is terrentellers baby…

I wonder if terrenteller should give me some commission for mentioning it :wink:

Updated with Decals and some little changes -

Black and red buttons look out of place

You got some nice ceiling detail there

I’m not digging the black and red buttons.

if you take too much time to enter the code the wall will destroy all your chance to survive :stuck_out_tongue:

The button textures look out of place with the rest of the scene. Try finding a model that works, or maybe a series of levers, or plugs and sockets.

true … true

Be inventive.

The lights could have a slight greenish tint to it, it seems to set the mood more as regular white lighting seems a bit bland.

You should at least change those button colors man. Make them less blocky lol.

Very pleased with this, since you’ve wanted it for a long time. Well done.

i want to make a kind of lever but i dont have the model or the prefab for it :confused:

New version — Map updated :smiley: