Saw the domain "" was expiring and got a funny recommendation from

I accidentally went to instead of and saw that the domain was expiring, so I naturally did a lookup to verify this and saw that it was probably in a redemption period or something, only to get recommended some additional domain names by at the bottom of the page:

What kind of fucked up algorithm are they running on domain names that you would see this as a recommendation? LOL

I once went to instead of so I decided to make a thread about this incredibly boring and irrelevant journey of self-discovery.

Too be perfectly honest, I’m more surprised that domain ISN’T being used yet.

It actually checks your history and finds different places you’ve visited to adds those suggestions to the algorithm.

Have you been watching “Stepmom Teaches Her Daughter and Boyfriend” videos lately?

This is not correct. Doing the same search from a Tails cd with no tracking history enabled whatsoever turns up the same result. Also I only watch gay porn, so it’s definitely not from that.

It was for humor because of something funny and unexpected happened during the lookup. Did your makers forget to install the humor chip resulting in the smug jerkoff that you are?

Or perhaps you “slipped and hit your head” when you were younger (or more likely your parents launched your dumbass down the stairs and told you it was an accident). Might want to get that checked out.