Sawed off shotgun

So, I’ve looked for 2-3 weeks now and can’t find a decent (and working) sawed off shotgun (that you can use; left-click to fire, right-click to look down the sights). I found a world prop for one

and a working full length shotgun

but no sawed offs (which have always been a favorite of mine. Can some one make this happen? We’re eye-deep in AK-47s and sniper rifles, why not a weapon we don’t have (or at least we don’t have a version that works with G-Mod 13)?

yeah, i made the full length shotty. i wanted to make a sawed off, but i found no one with actual working view models.

There might be a way to edit the existing view model of the full length version.

sure. but i dont know howto model. the skin was from fps banana.

I just found this which is just materials, might be a view model in it. I’ll poke around in it for a few hours.

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That or I’ll fiddle with it for 31 minutes and find out the textures aren’t nearly as good. Editing the original might be a better idea.

be careful, that addon is from csgo. I believe csgo weapon Models DON’T work with Garrysmod.

I may be mistaken, but i think so because csgo uses a different version of Source.

Either way, the texture is crap compared to the other one, so an edit would look better.