Sawn Off Shotgun

I whipped this up last night, finished it up today, it’s for a mod (see if you can guess which one :P). It needs a little editing, but overall it’s done. Here’s a render:

Pretty nice. Also does the mod have anything to do with undead? :v:

There are zombies but otherwise no :stuck_out_tongue:

Hooray for Legacy!

is the mod…No more room in hell?

It’s Legacy damnit

I think it’s from the sawn-off shotgun mod :v:

Nice model damnit!

“This is my BOOMSTICK!”
Nice job by the way.

I’ve always liked sawn off shotguns, ever since GTA:SA, when you get dual ones!

I knew it! Every game that has zombies in it also have sawn-off shotgun!

Maybe a Max Payne mod? Good Shotguns, I like the double triggers.


Heckler Stev and NeoDement were right, it’s Half Life 2: Legacy.

oh my god are you stupid have you ever shot a shot gun before??? that wouldnt work the gun woundlt be controlable like that.

Fuck off, it’s just a fucking game. And yes it is possible to handle it, it would hurt like hell but it can be handled as long as you don’t pull both triggers.

Wow, what a fucking asshole.

Stupid 07’ers, think they know everything about games.

No shut up I know more about guns tahn any of you

And now you’re banned so it doesn’t matter.

Also you’re a 07’er, don’t come bossing us around and acting all high and mighty, also, great gun.

If you’re so smart stop acting like a fucking 2 year old. Also, who gives a shit?

Looks great as far as I can tell.

One thing, though. Is that a smoothing error right above the back of the trigger guard?