SAWPack Resurrection? I'd like to know.

Hi, I’ve been away from the Model/Skins section for a looong time. I don’t even own GMod10. It’s been that long.

I remember back in the day when I created the Sweet Ass Weapon Pack (SAWPack). I got tons of gold stars and was a great success. So I went on to make SAWPack2 later that year. Took about 4 months to do but I did it for all you GMod users. After that, it just kind of died. I always see older threads using them (some with no credential at all) and I see others always looking for them.

I don’t know, I wouldn’t mind coming back to the Garry’s Mod community and relearn everything I knew and making another great addition to the SAWPack fans that still might be out there.

The whole reason I make this thread is to see if I’m even needed anymore. It’s been so long, so I wouldn’t know if there are already people making huge as weapon packs already.

So this is my question:

**Would it be any good use for me to start doing things here again?

**Garry’s Mod was the whole reason why I came here in the first place.

To be honest we got enough weapons already, Larry’s weapon pack is just fine. But there’s always some place for a new one.

I still got the SAWpack in my gmod , it was my first model pack i ever downloaded , best weapons pack there ever was.

You could do it but like headshotter said , there is already enough weapons.
So don’t waste your time.

Long time no see.
I wouldnt mind seeing another SAW pack :slight_smile:


Instead of restarting the pack from scratch.

You could just revamp it, taking the best stuff from the old SAW pack and adding in new weapons, and perhaps if you fancy it, go down the sweps route too.

You could certainly try something new, just not with guns. A nice, original prop pack for building or RP is always welcome here, assuming you know how to model.

Oh god Sawpack, haven’t heard that in a long time.

hey can someone upload the saw reverse bear trap please


Go for it, just remember that some people have higher standards now. Ever since Wystan started releasing weapons, I refuse to download weapon packs that doesn’t have bodygroups for magazines or slides.
However, if you can make a big-ass bodygrouped weapon pack with revolvers, pistols, melee weapons, smg’s and everything, I will love you forever.