SAX - Stargate Artisanal Control System (+ Download link)

Okay, I’ve been reading the facepunch forum for months, so today i create this not-LOLOL BEST CONTRAPTION EVAR topic to announce I released my actually last and first public contraption.

Bored with the annoying and outmoded Stargate DHD ? I’m proud to present the SAX (Or Stargate Artisanal Control System) !


It’s a simple but awesome automatic system that control the opening and the closing of an iris of your choice. It can also be linked to the parent Stargate, so you could use its many funny functions :

  • Plays SGC sounds when the Stargate is active.
  • Controls the Stargate with a wire keyboard and buttons : Adress, Close, Speed Dial or not, etc.
  • Displays some informations about the Stargate, like the number of the actual chevron, if the Speed Dial is activated or not.
  • Secures the controlled Stargate by only allowing the extern controll of the iris to the owners of a GDO.


The integrated security won’t resist to a wire hacker or a clever mingebag, so be careful by only giving GDO to your very allies.

Tutorial Video

Download link

If you have suggestions or advices, don’t wait for posting them here !


The SAX code used by GDO’s can be customized for moar security : The code is stored in a constant value, on the side of the radio placed on the top of the system :






HOW TO BUILD A GDO (Garage Door Opener in Stargate SG-1)

Although the building of a GDO is explained in the video above, I’ll explain it below :

  1. Spawn a wire radio using the Channel 15 (or, if you configured the radio in your base to use a different Channel, set it so) and at least 3 values.

  2. Wire the “3” input of the radio to an output that provides the same value than the Constant value on the side of the radio in your base (for a screenshot, see above). It can be a keypad with its “On” value set to the desired code, or anything you want (To my few knowledges, the keypad is a good way to secure a GDO)

  3. Activate the GDO when the stargate is open (it won’t work when it’s offline) to open the targeted stargate iris !

PS: I know, there probably is a GDO-weapon, more easy to carry, or “why didn’t you compact all that stuff into an E2”, or many replies that make my contraption useless, but things are quite awesome when they look cobbled and when junk stuff covers all the chassis :stuck_out_tongue:

Surprised no-one has commented. Nicely done.

Probably because it’s a couple of props with button and screens slapped onto it.

Would be cooler if you used a gpu or something to make it have an interface of sorts.

So you built a Stargate dialer out of a few props and some Wire?

That’s been done a billion times and isn’t thread worthy.