"Say goodbye to that little Babyface, MAGGOT!"- Soldier firing shotgun

:dance: I always knew he needed a double barreled shotgun.

Smoke is meh :banjo: But i’m still posting it.

Love the blur and muzzle flash around the shotgun!


You should put the cam more on footheight.

But overall nicely posed.

2 shotgunshells coming from nowhere. :v:

Lotta smoke…But your aware of that :slight_smile: Good pose.

Pure awesomeness. Just pure awesomeness.

I think he is aiming at a spy’s head. Twice the exploding head. Ouch.

Quick! Put up that one scene in Scanners with the exploding head!

He’s nothing shooting the Spy, but the scout. Scout has babyface.



There, You see Scout HAS babyface :v:




Well, thanks for that awesome addition to this thread :dance:

lol at the shotgun shells he has to pull them out of the barrel after firing

that was. . . erm . . . i er… wat?

Nice Bump Dumbass.

Double barreled pump-action.