Say I have two rectangular rooms. I want a soundscape to play in one, but not the other. Diagram showing what I mean

So I have a room that I need a fan noise soundscape to play in. I know that soundscapes have a radius and that the sound works in a sphere from that. I couldnt find a way around that. Then I read about env_soundscape_Triggerables used with trigger_soundscape. I figured, yay that means it will play within that trigger, right? Nope! Still plays if you enter its radius regardless of whether or not you are in the trigger.

Here is a pic showing what I mean, I want the sound to play in every corner of the room the soundscape is in, but not in the room next to it. Is there any way to do this at all?

Any help would be appreciated, even telling me that it isnt possible. This is driving me crazy.

And no, ambient generics wont really work for my purpose.

If there is no easy way to do this, Is just filling the room full of small soundscapes a valid workaround?

Just use a trigger to enable/disable the soundscape when you enter it.

Actually I just realized I am a moron. Looking at cs_assault in hammer and looking at soundscapes_debug ingame, I realized I had forgotten one of the most basic aspects of soundscapes: Line of sight. It wont go into the room if you have a silent one in that room, because it needs line of sight. Duhhhh wow.

I’ll leave this here, maybe it will help someone in the future that is having this issue -____-