Say me what you dream in the epic gamemode

Say me what you need for have a epic gamemode , and a Old Time , Futuristic , Alien , Survive (With cold etc … like DayZ) ?

Dite moi qu’est ce que vous voulez pour un gamemode qui défonce , dans le passé , un truc futurist , alien , survie ( avec le froid et tout , comme dayz) ?

Let’s go :wink:

je ne comprends pas monsieur / madame

mais je prefere le jeu du " tour defense"

Realistic space physics and non-laggy space ships.

a cereal eating simulator

This needs to be made.

Seriously please …

“Say me what for have”
Oh god

I’m uncertain, I don’t know any DayZ like gamemodes for Garry’s mod. There’s stranded, Fortress Survival, but I dunno if they’re alike.

Have a look at them, if it isn’t what you’re looking for then apologies, I dont know any decent gamemode.

Quick, contact pixelTail Games!

Something that teaches grammar.

Tepid date simulator, with realistic mocapped animations of people using hover-hand and not making eye contact.

As the game goes on, program it to make the players say progressively more embarrasing things.

The first player to cringe and leave with a polite yet bullshit excuse is the loser. It’s like a game of wills. Who breaks first?

That would be fun.