Say something nice about rust!

For anyone who wants to say anything nice about rust and NOT clog up the subforum!

I think Garry is doing a nice job on it as a project Dont say keybegging because I have one

I like it how every character has a small penis in rust.

Makes it more immersive.

Yeah specially when all of these hot naked sweaty men, running around the woods with no women on this island…

Do exist compass in the game ?

I like how the tree shadows move during dawn and dusk.

The shadows are nice, I like how the trees bend depending on how far away you are from them.

Hands down, one of the most immerssive game that I played.

Constant fear of dying (alot more than dayz).

The fact that there is no 3rd person view mode.

An the best is the fact that there is no limits or bounds, this game has a lot of potential.

I like when I kill a naked guy and the ragdoll effect puts my victim in a position with his assholle pointing towards the sky inviting me to rape the corpse


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you sick fuck

I like how people pay a lot for a shitty game.

I am not a supporter of the current way of selling but people claim this filters out the 12 year olds. The point of the alpha is to let players try the game and report bugs.

I think weapon animation are pretty nicely done :slight_smile:

no, you mean you hate it how everyone has more money than you :stuck_out_tongue:

now for me, personally; i like rusts’ crafting system, i think its rather intuitive. i also like how fun real base seiges are, even when its only nades…