"Say your prayers, asshole" - And a bunch of boring bonuses

Original angle was this:

And the boring bonuses:

I should probably start posing something different for a change.

I really like them although they could do with a bit of editing. They seem quite under-contrasted.

OK…I have to edit one of these their great


I might have to do that too.

Good pictures. But as Chesty pointed out, they could use some editing.

I got damn love that turian armor, too bad it’s broken. Mewish there was a fixed one.

Thanks for the positive comments, i thought most of them were pretty terrible.

I’d love to try editing them myself but my skills don’t extend much past being able to do some half-decent shading every now and again. Anyone got any links to some decent editing tutorials with GIMP?

Mah tutorial, son!

Wait lemme dig up the link.



I used that, that’s how i learned to do shading and muzzleflashes. I meant more along the lines of explosions and other special effects.

this tuts pretty useful too http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=884639


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F1dAedHmsuk&feature=related this one is fantastic for splosions

I’m gonna add all that stuff to my tutorial over the summer. Just a month until all my exams are done so it’ll get done soon-ish.

ahhhh… jesus i hate exams

The posing is kinda blocky.

i think just on the road one bt the rest are fine

Wow, really? Now I certainly can’t wait for the holiday!