says im still play etc.

k well my first problem is when i try to start it up it says “the game is currently unavailable.please try again later” and when i look on my profile its says im still playing the game when im not and when i tried to log out it says there is more than one steam application currently working what do i do :confused:

End the process in the alt+ctrl+del menu

^ hl2.exe is the name you of the process

Ya this is common with Gmod and most other steam games, if you have run the game it may not have closed for some reason and is still running in the background. To fix this just follow the comments above (Press “Ctrl+Alt+Delete” and click the “Processes” tab, Once there find the program “hl2.exe” and right click and press “end process”. Then just simply start you game :wink:

your not gona beleive this but its not in there O.o there is not hl2.exe file in there

Are you sure your looking in the “processes” tab at the top and not “applications”?

nope i was but it randomly poped up like i mean the list got bigger out of no where and i found it but thank yall for the help :slight_smile: