Sb_fatass (sorry)

Originally I posted this under Gvarados’ thread, but it felt inappropriate so I’m just gonna make a thread
recently I’ve been making my own version of flatgrass called sb_fatass (mainly because most remakes have been uhhhhh disappointing sorry), but compile times have been extreme so I haven’t really been messing around with it.

Below is a .vmap file of the little structure in the middle of flatgrass, bevels and all (Also has the secret room blocked out too) Took about an hour to make the mesh, mainly because I forgot how to move stuff. I tried to follow the dimensions as exact as possible but transferring to source 2 is not so easy so mess around with it if you want

It’s not textured because duh but yeah

I apologize if the topology is not up to snuff, I’ve tried to keep it as optimized as possible (Except for the little interior bevel bits at either end, those are fucking witchcraft)

Hopefully the real “retail remake” of flatgrass has some improvements, like more rooms or areas to mess around with.

Anyways no hate to anyone, those maps are extremely good for learning the basics of hammer, and Gvarados’ version is good especially considering it was made in an hour while focusing on streaming

(also I do not care about keys or credit so use it however you want)

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the epic, will definitely use this

best remake i’ve seen so far. very cool


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